Back in Dahab

Sinai mountains

It´s been quite a while since my last blog post, it has been even more time since my last trip to Dahab/Egypt. Now it´s time to catch up on both!

Dahab Red Sea
View over Dahab to the Gulf of Aqaba

My last stay in Dahab was connected with a 6 week internship at the Red Sea Environmental Centre (RSEC). RSEC is a private institution for marine science and marine conservation. My stay there had a huge impact on me and made me aware of how vulnerable marine ecosystems are!

Although I do not join a current project at the RSEC (only here for vacation) it is great to meet some well-known people again and have a few nice dives! I already had 5 dives so far and I was enjoying each single one of them.

Especially the dive sites Um Sid and Coral Garden were worth it to be seen: Garden eels, scorpion- and lion fishes, Napoleons, dogtooth tuna, beautiful corals and anemones made the dives a pleasure! Unfortunately also some things had changed: At some places there was a big algal coverage on corals, which I haven´t observed two years back. Although the algal growth usually is stronger at this time of the year, overfishing and nutrient input increase it even more. The algal coverage can unfortunately lead to the death of coral colonies (click here, if you want to learn more about corals and their threats). Let´s keep fingers crossed, that the algae will reduce towards the summer!

Sinai mountains
Sinai mountains
Making new friends

Tomorrow I´m going to have a day off from diving (well, not completely – I will do a night dive) to have a little photo tour through Dahab. So be prepared for upcoming blogposts with information about and photographic impressions of a town called Dahab 😉

Thriving life in the Red Sea around Dahab

Pohlmann Photography on Facebook – Flickr500px


  1. Sounds like you are having a good time! Coral garden and Um Sid are both great dives sites – wouldn´t mind beaming myself to Dahab and dive them too 😛
    Are you living in the RSEC house? The view from the roof is quite familiar (first photo).
    Looking forward to see more photos! Good light and happy diving 🙂

    Gefällt mir

    1. Thanks Tom!Indeed, I´m enjoying the time here quite a lot (no better way of starting the day at Leylas Bakery and then having some dives!) 😉
      Yes, I´m living in the RSEC guest house again – I have many good memories of this place! There will come some nice underwater pictures soon! I´m just getting used to my underwater camera and the external flash. On thursday we are having the boat trip to Gabr el Bint – hopefully we see some nice stuff! In Sharm there are a lot of shark sightings (including a tiger shark) at the moment, so Nina is planning a trip there 🙂

      Gefällt mir

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